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Yay! Acceptance! March 14, 2009

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So this is like 11 days to late, but I was accepted into the CBYX with ASSE! I had my interviews the 28th of February, and I was called by my ASSE Area Rep the night of March 3rd!

The interviews went pretty well. The guys who interviewed me were really cool, one of them was from Munich! they asked me all sorts of questions, from “What do you have to bring to Germany of America” to “Is your home quiet?”. I did pretty well I thought. I definitely tried to make them laugh, which I think helped a lot. Another girl from Rapid City, SD was accepted as well. She is pretty cool.

Anyway here is my acceptance letter that I received on Thursday the 5th of March.

Acceptance Letter 001

Acceptance Letter 002

Acceptance Letter 003










I’m anticipating the information letters mentioned in the letter very much! I’m so friggen excited; you have no idea. I have been waiting for this since like forever! Just yesterday my application was sent to ASSE Germany! Yay!



1. alicia - April 11, 2009

That’s exactly what I did. My mom told me that I was in the room with my interviewers for maybe 45 minutes. One kid was out of there in 10. But they were laughing the whole time. A few german jokes and embarassing stories later, I came out with a scholarship. 😀
p.s. write a new post!

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